Winter strikes back with ice and snow in Ontario, brace yourself for risky journeys

Winter strikes back with ice and snow in Ontario, brace yourself for risky journeys

Winter strikes back with ice and snow in Ontario, brace yourself for risky journeys

After an exceptionally warm and windy Wednesday, winter strikes in southern Ontario to end the week, with the threat of rain, ice and heavy snow in some areas.

Drivers are urged to allow a little extra time for Friday morning’s commute as the chaotic mix of winter rainfall could make for tricky journeys.

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The system will arrive Thursday afternoon with snow, ice pellets and freezing rain covering much of the region. Icy conditions will become a problem in much of southern Ontario from Thursday night into early Friday morning.

Snow will be the main concern for people north of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with a forecast of 5-10cm there.

Baron - ON Snow - February 16th

Baron – ON Snow – February 16th

Beyond and south of the GTA, however, marginal temperatures in the atmosphere will result in a much more shady array as precipitation falls in the form of ice pellets and freezing rain. The greatest risk for ice pellets will be above and west of the GTA, covering communities like Kitchener and Guelph.

Farther south, there is just enough warm air above the surface to allow for a period of freezing rain. Most of the freezing rain will fall on the Niagara Escarpment and in south-eastern Ontario around Kingston.

Baron - ON ICE - February 16th

Baron – ON ICE – February 16th

Residents should prepare to wake up to a smooth start to Friday as the system heads east, temperatures drop and precipitation turns to snow.

Behind this system, too, temperatures occasionally plummet to below freezing, leading to a chilly start to the extended family day weekend.

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However, temperatures will quickly rise back above seasonal levels for the remainder of the weekend. Significantly colder weather will attempt to spread mid to late next week, but the very warm pattern over the eastern US will also attempt to resist. This should lead to an active and restless pattern, with the potential for messy and potentially highly effective winter systems.

A colder and more active pattern is expected to continue into early March.

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Be sure to check back often for the latest updates on the Ontario weather.


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