These dogs used their noses to explore Kitchener’s new pop-up, Sniffscape

Charlotte, Peanut, and Sherlock all got lots of dog treats during their Sniffscape experience.  (Aastha Shetty/CBC - photo credit)

Charlotte, Peanut, and Sherlock all got lots of dog treats during their Sniffscape experience. (Aastha Shetty/CBC – photo credit)

Happy dogs will discover a whole world of new smells in Dog Friendly KW’s Sniffscape pop-up experience.

The experience includes seven themed rooms that cover everything a dog could dream of, including a room full of plants to chew on, an inflatable pool full of sand to dig through, and a campsite with a tent and a fake fireplace.

Aastha Shetty/CBC

Aastha Shetty/CBC

Located at the Short Finger Brewing Co. in Kitchener, the pop-up will be open Tuesday through Sunday through the end of March.

Justine Sparling is Director and Co-Founder of Dog Friendly KW, a local nonprofit dedicated to creating a safe, accessible, and inclusive dog-friendly community. Sparling said the activities provide dogs with an opportunity to engage in behaviors that owners often discourage.

“Something like this gives dogs a chance to dig in sand or dirt, but in a controlled environment where they’re actually allowed to do that,” Sparling said.

Aastha Shetty/CBC

Aastha Shetty/CBC

Kersty Kearny, director of Dog Friendly KW, said the various spaces and activities provide dogs with fun exploring during the colder months, when there may not be as many opportunities to spend time outdoors.

“By having different themed rooms, we were able to implement different themes and strands of enrichment that allow people to see what their dog likes,” she said.

“Once you know what your dog is interested in, you can implement it at home. Working with him indoors and giving him opportunities to play when you can’t take him outside is a great way to tire him out on a daily basis. “

Aastha Shetty/CBC

Aastha Shetty/CBC

The space is run by volunteers like Brooke Clark, who loves seeing all the happy dogs that visit – even the ones that are a little nervous.

“Even if your dog is reactive, anxious or anxious, this is the event you should take him to because there is a quiet hours option where just you and your dog are together so you can go where your.” dog guides you,” she said. β€œIt’s great to interact with the community. It’s really great that we can take care of all kinds of dogs.”

Aastha Shetty/CBC

Aastha Shetty/CBC

Each week ten time slots are designated as quiet hours. It is for dogs that are exceptionally anxious during typical socialization activities.

Sparling said if this year’s pop-up is successful, Dog Friendly KW might consider bringing Sniffscape back for a second year in 2024.


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