Taxi driver who was hailed as a hero after stopping grandparents’ scam

Windsor Police Commissioner Jason Bellaire (left) and Amherstburg cab driver Abdullahi Farah.  (Windsor Police Service - photo credit)

Windsor Police Commissioner Jason Bellaire (left) and Amherstburg cab driver Abdullahi Farah. (Windsor Police Service – photo credit)

Abdullahi Farah does not wish to be recognized as a hero despite acting like one by preventing another attempt at grandparent fraud in our area.

“I’m nowhere near a hero,” Farah said. “I was just in the right place at the right time.”

On February 3, Farah, a cab driver from Amherstburg, was picking up a customer and quickly realized something was wrong.

“I didn’t think anything of it. My client got into the cab and I greeted her and spoke to her,” Farah said. “After a brief conversation, I realized she was shaking and something was wrong. Something wasn’t right at all.

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“So I asked her, but she didn’t go into detail,” he said. “I knew beforehand that this was happening in my town, so I said, okay, this is another case of fraud here.”

After a few conversations with the 86-year-old customer, Farah calmly decided to call the police.

“The moment she said, ‘They told me not to talk to you.’ I knew it,” Farah said. “My heart sank. And then I said you were scammed.”

Farah stopped and did everything she could to calm the victim down. He and the police department did what they could to calm the victim while the police were away.

“They came so fast,” Farah said. “And long story short, it broke my heart when she said that these were the savings of my entire life. honest to god She is 86 years old. i just broke down I told her, ‘Listen, nothing’s going to happen and the police will be here.'”

Farah said one of the officers stepped in because of a personal connection and took the lead.

“They knew the victim and she spoke to her,” Farah said. “She’s the heroine. She’s the one who said to call your son first to see if your grandson is in trouble.

Luckily for the victim, this wasn’t Farah’s first encounter with a scam.

“It was the same scenario. Head office called me and said to pick this old lady up and take her to the bank and back,” Farah said. “She added that this call was suspicious. They called from a private number and said to take her to a bank and back. I knew the victim’s grandson. He was from my town. They are good people. So I called the police and it was the same. We stopped that again. “

Though he might not wish to be called a hero, police believe Farah is one.

“We want to thank Mr. Farah for his quick thinking and quick action,” Police Commissioner Jason Bellaire said on Twitter. β€œHe came across a person in trouble and selflessly took it upon himself to help her. His actions are commendable and an exceptional example of good citizenship.”

Farah said he only does what he thinks is right and encourages others to do the same.

“If you have a big heart, don’t doubt yourself,” Farah said. “If you suspect something, just don’t think the next person will solve that problem. Just try to help.”


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