Sask. RCMP explains why no emergency alert was issued after fatal break-in

RCMP is asking anyone with information to call 310-RCMP, Crime Stoppers, anonymously at 1-800-222-8477 or 911 in the event of an emergency.  (CBC - photo credit)

RCMP is asking anyone with information to call 310-RCMP, Crime Stoppers, anonymously at 1-800-222-8477 or 911 in the event of an emergency. (CBC – photo credit)

Saskatchewan RCMP explained its decision not to issue an alert following a fatal burglary – in which suspects allegedly stole a firearm and vehicle – in eastern Saskatchewan early Friday morning.

In a press release Monday, Mounties said a number of factors are used to determine whether an emergency alert will be issued to the general public.

“The Saskatchewan RCMP’s decision to issue a civil distress call for a dangerous person is based on the situation. Not every murder or serious investigation results in an 911 call,” the press release said.

Esterhazy and Broadview RCMP were called just after 4 a.m. CST on Friday regarding a burglary and suspected death at a home near Round Lake, about 20 kilometers south of Stockholm, Sask, and Esterhazy, Sask.

Mounties found dead at the site a 34-year-old man from the rural community of Fertile Belt who lived in the home. Police believe the man was shot and are investigating the case for manslaughter.

An injured woman at the scene who was taken for medical attention has since been discharged from hospital.

Police said three men broke into the home, stole at least one firearm and the homeowner’s vehicle, and then fled. The stolen vehicle was later abandoned and found ablaze on a nearby grid road.

Mounties said they did not have specific information about the suspects or the vehicle at the time of the incident to raise an emergency alert.



“In general, investigators will consider whether there is an immediate ability, intent, and means for someone to cause serious/substantial physical harm or death to others. We must also provide instructions to the public on how to act,” the RCMP press release said.

“We have to consider: where would an emergency alert be issued and what would we be asking the public to look for?”

Mounties added that the deliberations and discussions are “fluent and ongoing” during the course of an investigation and the development of incidents.

Police noted that officers physically went to individual homes in the area of ​​the burglary to check on people’s well-being and to update them of the incident.

Four nearby schools have been placed under hold-and-secure, a protocol used when an emergency occurs outside of, but is unrelated to, a school. Two nearby First Nation communities also implemented lockdowns.

Suspicious sketches were created shortly after the incident and leaked to the media on February 12.

Investigators are following “several leads”.

On Monday, RCMP said investigators are following up on multiple leads received following the release of these suspicious sketches. This includes conducting interviews, gathering and analyzing evidence and surveillance footage, police said.

RCMP released descriptions of the three men they believe were involved in Sunday’s incident.

The first is estimated to be in his 20s, about 6 feet tall, weighs about 180-200 pounds and is slim. According to police, he was wearing a black hat and a dark work jacket with a light “Sherpa” lining.

Police say he wore a thin neck warmer on his face but may have a tattoo on his lower stomach and either a piercing, scar or missing hair on his left eyebrow.

The second suspect is believed to be older than the first, about 5’7″ tall and weighing about 210 pounds. He also wore a face covering – a black balaclava – and had what police called a sparsely haired moustache.

The man also had a small pointed tattoo near the corner of his left eye – police say it could have been a teardrop or an arrow – and another tattoo that was partially visible under the balaclava near the upper left cheekbone.

The third suspect is shorter than the other two men but weighed up to 240 pounds. His face was also covered by a thin neck warmer and he wore a beanie hat. Police say he was wearing a no-zip hoodie believed to be from the Red Dragon Apparel brand.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact police by calling 310-RCMP, Crime Stoppers, anonymously at 1-800-222-8477 or 911 in an emergency.


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