Roaring male lion can’t stay awake with full belly

The video shows a roaring male lion who was so pot-bellied and lazy that he ended up rolling onto his side to complete his roaring performance and lying flat on the ground. A lion’s roar is one of Africa’s most iconic sounds. Few sounds in the animal kingdom are as powerful and awe-inspiring as the sound of a lion roaring. The roar of a lion can be heard up to seven kilometers through the African bush at night. Lions roar to signal territoriality and to locate distant members of the pride. Both male and female lions demonstrate territory ownership by roaring. Hearing a lion roar at night is one of the great highlights of an African safari trip. Seeing these beasts in their mighty roar is priceless and not something seen often. We were lucky enough to find a large lone male lion during a night safari. It was late at night and this lion was still very lazy and sleepy and didn’t look like he was going anywhere anytime soon. I could see his stomach was full and he had eaten well. Literally, having stuffed themselves, lions become very lazy and quite useless. They just want to sleep, whether it’s day or night. As we sat quietly watching this male lion laze about, we could hear lions roaring in the distance. The distant roar also caught the attention of this male. Instead of lying flat on his side, the male lion crouched on all fours and listened intently in the direction of the others’ roars. The next moment the male lion let out his almighty, deep roar in front of us. The deep sound shook through my body and caused an adrenaline rush. Then something happened that I had never seen before. Usually, lions remain in a ferocious and focused stance while performing their powerful roar. This lion, on the other hand, had such a full belly, was so lazy and tired that he could not even sit up properly to complete his roar. The male lion’s stomach was clearly in the way and uncomfortable, so he decided to casually roll onto his side and finish the final verses of his roaring compilation while lying down and looking much more comfortable. It was so funny but understandable to see the lion like that. The usual image of a lion standing wild performing his mighty roar across the African plains was replaced by this old boy who simply lay down and relaxed while completing his roaring performance.


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