Montreal shops will be open all night, serving food and drinks until 8am on Sunday

The Champs Sports Bar, seen here during a Superbowl Sunday event February 12, is among businesses participating in the city's Nuit Blanche initiative.  (Fenn Mayes/CBC - photo credit)

The Champs Sports Bar, seen here during a Superbowl Sunday event February 12, is among businesses participating in the city’s Nuit Blanche initiative. (Fenn Mayes/CBC – photo credit)

On Saturday, Montrealers have all the time in the world to eat, drink and party.

As part of the annual Nuit Blanche tradition — which includes Montreal’s all-night subway service and downtown activities — 17 bars, clubs, and restaurants along Saint-Laurent Boulevard have the opportunity of Saturday night to stay open until 8 a.m. on Sunday.

The all-night event is dubbed The Main Non-Stop.

It’s a pilot project organized by the Merchants Association of the Boulevard and Montreal 24/24, a non-profit group that wants to showcase the local nightlife. The project has received the green light from both the city and the Municipality of Plateau-Mont-Royal.

Solene Broisin

Solene Broisin

Last year, a bar on Boulevard Saint-Laurent was allowed to serve drinks for 29 hours over a weekend.

This weekend, the closing times of the participating shops are expected to be staggered from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m

“It will be great to restart the economy after a very difficult pandemic,” said Tasha Morizio, the director-general of the dealers’ association.

“We all know that Saint-Laurent Boulevard is known for its nightlife, so it was extremely important for us that our restaurants, bars and concert halls have the possibility to stay open and serve our clientele even after 3am. “

Rob Jennings, who runs Champs Sports Bar near the corner of Duluth Avenue, said that kind of flexibility should be the norm.

He says fixed closing times are a “remnant of the past.”

“I don’t think having to close at a certain time helps anyone. You have to get everyone out at the same time. The police have to deal with all the rioting,” Jennings said.

“People start to behave erratically when they have to get out of a bar. Then people order 16 shots at a time.”



For Nuit Blanche, Champs is hosting a karaoke night for people who identify as queer, and the singing will continue well after sunrise.

The trade association says Saturday isn’t just about boosting businesses. Organizers want to see if later, staggered closing times actually make downtown less chaotic.

“We just want to examine the impact on safety, courtesy and noise complaints of allowing businesses to close at different times to avoid excessive crowds,” Morizio said.

Montreal en Lumiere

Montreal en Lumiere

A list of participating venues can be found here.


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