Here are some personalized license plates that were approved or rejected in the NWT last year

The NWT government received 95 personalized number plate applications in 2022.  Here are some of the approved ones.  (CBC - photo credit)

The NWT government received 95 personalized number plate applications in 2022. Here are some of the approved ones. (CBC – photo credit)

WARNING: This story contains graphic language that some readers may find offensive.

The NWT government rejected six requests for personalized license plates in 2022 – but REJECT was not one of them.

Those six characters are now on a motorcycle license plate somewhere on the territory, according to the NWT’s Department of Infrastructure. It was one of 95 applications the area received for personalized signs that year.

HGWRTS, POLAR, NWTGRL and SKODEN also made it.

However, what some may find more interesting are the few that haven’t.

The territory has some rules about personalized license plates. Six of the 95 applications last year were not approved because they were made up of letters and numbers could be considered profane, offensive or suggestive.



LORD and JW were rejected because of religious significance, according to the ministry. ETIT and IB6UB9 were rejected for sexual significance — and if you say the latter out loud, you might see why. FJB46 was rejected for political meaning (in the current American context), and another, containing a word best known for being derogatory to Italians, was also rejected for inappropriate meaning.

Submitting an application for a personalized license plate will cost you $250 in the NWT, and there are a few other rules to keep in mind. Personalized signs must be between two and six characters, including spaces; Symbols and punctuation marks are not allowed; and they cannot be used on vehicles that require special license plates – such as B. trailers, rental vehicles or government and commercial vehicles.

So who makes the decisions?

According to a spokesman for the department, employees in the Infrastructure Division’s Compliance and Licensing Division review personalized license plate applications to ensure they comply with regulations. The applications then go to the department manager for a final examination.

If the license plate is denied, the director calls the applicant to explain the reason. But the application gives people the ability to fill out a second and third personalized license plate option, and they can proceed with either one – if the original request is denied.

If the person does not have a second or third choice, their $250 will be refunded. For those who don’t want to bother getting a personalized license plate – it’s only $12 to get a regular license plate in the NWT


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