Clement Virgo’s Brother, sci-fi comedy Viking among Leading Canadian Screen Awards nominees

Clemens Jungfrau Brother, A coming-of-age drama set in 1990s Scarborough, Ontario leads all films with 14 Canadian Screen Awards nominations, followed by Stephane Lafleur’s sci-fi comedy viking, which received 13 nominations on Wednesday when the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television announced its contenders for this year’s awards.

On the broadcast side, the series CBC and BET+ The porter received 19 nominations, while the show with the most nominations last year, Type ofhad another strong performance at 15, as did the CBC Gem series Detention Adventure.

Brotherwhich premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last September, is an adaptation of David Chariandy’s novel of the same name viking is about a B-Team of volunteers tasked with simulating a manned mission to Mars in order to map out the social issues faced by the real astronauts.

David Cronenberg’s sci-fi body horror crimes of the future received 11 nominations.

This is the first year the awards have included gender-neutral performance categories, with eight nominees in each category including Lamar Johnson (Brother)Steve Laplante (viking) and Seung Yoon Choi (Riceboy is sleeping).



The CTV series Transplantation, last year’s winner for Best Drama Series, is again nominated in this category alongside CBC The porter, Moonshine And SkyMed. Global Departure rounds out the nominees.

The Best Comedy Series category also sees a returning champion among CBC’s nominees Type of. Also nominated are Crave’s LetterkennyCTV Sci-Fi Astrid & Lilly save the worldCBC Gems fakes and CTV’s Children ruin everything.

This will be the 11th edition of the award, which recognizes achievement in Canadian broadcasting and film. They will air Sunday, April 16 on CBC and CBC Gem in a pre-taped format that some actors have expressed concerns about. This year’s nominees include:



Best Feature Film

  • Baby-sitter.

  • Brother.

  • Falkensee.

  • Riceboy is sleeping.

  • summer with hope

  • viking

performance towards

  • Clemens Jungfrau – Brother.

  • David Kronenberg – Crimes of the future.

  • Charlotte LeBon – Falcon Lake.

  • Anthony Shim – Riceboy is sleeping.

  • Stephane Lafleur – Vikings.

performance in a leading role

  • Monia Chokri – Baby-sitter.

  • Lamar Johnson – Brother.

  • Joseph Engel – Falkensee.

  • Kelly Depeault- Noémie dit oui.

  • Seung Yoon Choi – Riceboy is sleeping.

  • Maxime Le Flaguais Rodeo.

  • Larissa Corriveau – Such a summer | Un été comme ça.

  • Steve Laplante – viking

Ted Rogers Best Feature-Length Documentary

Best Drama Series

  • Departure.

  • moonlight.

  • The porter.

  • SkyMed.

  • Transplantation.

Best Comedy Series

CLOCK | CSAs are transitioning to gender-neutral benefit categories:

Best Actor, Drama Series

  • Mayko Nguyen – Hudson & Rex.

  • John Reardon -Hudson & Rex.

  • Jennifer Finnigan – Moonlight.

  • Aml Ameen – The porter.

  • Ronnie Rowe Jr – The porter.

  • Mouna Traore – The porter.

  • Hamza Haq –Transplantation.

  • Laurence Leboeuf –Transplantation.

Best Actor, Comedy

  • Meaghan Rath – Children ruin everything.

  • Meredith MacNeill – Pretty tough cases.

  • Adrienne C Moore – Pretty tough cases.

  • Rakhee Morzaria – Run the Burbs.

  • Andrew Phung – Run the Burbs.

  • Bilal Baig – Type of.

  • Daniel Art – Working Moms.

  • Catherine Reitman – Working Moms.


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