Another massive storm to eye Ontario early next week

Stay alert: Another violent storm to eye Ontario early next week

Stay alert: Another violent storm to eye Ontario early next week

Ontario residents will have little chance to weather this latest winter storm before the region’s next violent storm races the pike toward the province.

Another low pressure area will develop this weekend, rolling toward the Great Lakes region and threatening a widespread rain, snow and ice wave early next week as it enters Ontario.

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While the exact details are still blurry this far out, it will likely be a disruptive storm for a region still shedding itself from this week’s big snow and ice event.

ON active

ON active

People across Ontario will spend Friday clearing the aftermath of this week’s high-end winter storm across the region. Large accumulations of ice and a heavy blanket of snow and ice pellets made for tough rides and even tougher cleaning jobs.

A brief respite from active weather will last this weekend as occasional snow showers and flurries give way to temperatures likely to climb above freezing again by Sunday.

Colorado low

Colorado low

The breather won’t last long, however, as another major storm is developing south of the border.

This Colorado low will deepen rapidly as it heads toward the Great Lakes region early next week, bringing the full spectrum of winter precipitation on its way.

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We will most likely see the storm make its way into southern Ontario in the second half of the day Monday and continue through most areas until Tuesday.

The exact path of the storm is critical to how the storm will play out in southern Ontario. A more southerly stretch would expose more of the region to direct snowfall, while a more northerly stretch would let in more warm air and keep the rain liquid for a longer period of time.

However, if the center of the low tracks runs right across southern Ontario, we could be faced with another messy rift cutting across the province, with rain, sleet, ice pellets, and snow falling across the region.

WATCH: Ice-covered cars and tree branches as powerful Colorado low hits

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Stay tuned to The Weather Network over the weekend as the event draws closer and forecasters get a clearer picture of the impact of this potentially devastating storm across Ontario.


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