A harsh winter storm lashes the east coast with extensive effects

A harsh winter storm lashes the east coast with extensive effects

A harsh winter storm lashes the east coast with extensive effects

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Another strong winter storm sweeps through Atlantic Canada, bringing heavy, wet snow, high snowfall rates, and strong winds. These elements are likely to impact travel and contribute to power outages in some of the hardest-hit areas.

Snowfall and winter storm warnings as well as special weather reports are widespread. total snowfall 20-40+cm are possible for some local areas of the Maritimes, with 15-30 cm possibly for parts of southern Newfoundland.



However, this prediction is difficult as temperatures will fluctuate above and below freezing during this storm event, contributing to a chaotic mix of rain, ice and snow.

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Snow will continue to spread north and east across the Maritimes overnight Tuesday, reaching Newfoundland late Wednesday.

According to the provincial authority, thousands are already without power in Nova Scotia. Numbers can fluctuate during the storm.

Snowfall rates will intensify overnight into the early hours of Wednesday morning, with rates of 2-3 inches per hour for parts of New Brunswick and PEI. Snow will transition to a wet mix and then direct rain through Wednesday for much of Nova Scotia, except for Cape Breton, where continued heavy snowfall is forecast.

Heavy snowfall will target eastern Newfoundland on Thursday and continue through Friday.

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Charlottetown, PEI, Moncton, NB, and Sydney, NS seem to be in the thick of the heaviest snow. Cape Breton Island could see up to 40 cm of snow, with a possible 20-30 cm for eastern New Brunswick and 10-20 cm for parts of PEI

Lower snowfall levels are expected for mainland Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy coasts as rain or mixed precipitation is expected as temperatures rise.

Baron - ATL Snow - March 14th

Baron – ATL Snow – March 14th

The heavy, wet snow is causing accumulations that cling to branches and power lines, which could contribute to more power outages. Travel issues are also likely due to high snowfall rates and gusty northeast winds.

Higher than normal water levels and surf will also affect the Atlantic coast during Tuesday’s high tide overnight and around noon on Wednesday.

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Fair conditions and slightly cooler temperatures than the season are expected for the first half of next week. The next system to watch will be in the second half of next week, with the potential for a more active pattern in the last week of March.

Keep checking back with The Weather Network for more Atlantic Canada forecast information and updates.


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