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A sweeping, mopping and self-emptying robot in the middle…

People buy robot vacuum cleaners to make their daily cleaning easier and less hassle. However, standalone robot vacuums have a small dustbin that is good for a few cycles but requires human intervention to empty regularly. And emptying a robot vacuum’s built-in dustbin can become a tedious task if you have a lot of carpets, dusty floors, or pets, as they naturally attract more dirt and dust. The Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus robot vacuum with its auto-dump station means you only need to change the dust bag about once a month, which is good news for people who can’t do it daily. The robot vacuum also has a decent-sized water tank if you want to sweep and mop your floors at the same time.

Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus mid-range vacuum robot sweeping and mopping with auto-empty station eileenbrown xda developer

    Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus

    Botslab’s two-in-one robot vacuum and mop automates the chores of your daily cleaning routine

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Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus Pricing and Availability

Botlsab is the new brand name for the 360 ​​range of robotic vacuums and the branding has not caught on across all online stores. Currently, Botslab only seems to ship two products, a vacuum robot and a smart camera. However, the Smart360 brand offers a range of powerful robots in different price ranges. The Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus is a mid-range robot available for sale. It is available on Amazon for $499.99

specifications Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus
Dimensions L*W*H 340*340*95 mm (13.4*13.4*3.7 inch)
Rated Voltage (V) 14.8V
Rated power (P) 30W
Battery (mAh) 5000mAh
working time (min) 250 | 210 | 140 | 110
suction power (Pa) 600 | 1000 | 1500 |2700
dust container (L) 0.35L
water tank (L) 0.3L
Noise (dB) 59 | 61 | 63 | 65
obstacle climbing 20mm (0.79 inch)

About this review: This review was written after testing a Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus for a period of three months, provided by the company. Botslab has not contributed to this article.

Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus: What’s in the box?

The Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus robot vacuum comes in a large box that has everything you need to get started. There is the robot vacuum cleaner with an integrated dustbin and water tank, an automatic emptying station, a mop holder and a mop pad. There is also a spare dust bag, roller cleaning tool, brush and instruction manual.

Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus mid-range vacuum robot sweeping and mopping with auto-empty station eileenbrown xda developer

To use the robotic vacuum, connect the auto-dock to your power supply, remove all packaging behind the bumper and film from the robotic vacuum, turn on the power to the robotic vacuum, and place it on the auto-dock to charge. You’ll also need to press the power button on top of the robot vacuum if it’s not already on. The robot announces in an irritatingly friendly voice that it’s charging. A white LED light should illuminate on the auto-empty station to indicate that the station has power.

The Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus Robot Vacuum Bundle includes everything you need to get started with automatic cleaning and mopping – all controlled via an app.

You can start the robot with the switch on top of the robot and send it home with a different switch – but to get the most out of the NaviClean S8 Plus, install the Botslab app and configure your preferred settings.

design and functions

Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus mid-range vacuum robot sweeping and mopping with auto-empty station eileenbrown xda developer

A robot vacuum and auto dump station that can be controlled via an app and integrates with Alexa, Siri and Google Home.

  • Mopping and vacuuming at the same time
  • Comprehensive app
  • Management of multiple cards
  • 2D and 3D map views
  • Room layout and no-go zones

The Botslab NaviClean S8 plus is easy to pair with the app on your mobile phone. Download the Botslabb app and create a user account. Scan the QR code in the user manual or search for the robot vacuum in the list of devices you want to connect to.

The app connects to the robot over a 2.4GHz WiFi network (most smart apps work best over a 2.4GHz WiFi connection). The app recognized the robot and connected quickly with no issues.

Fully functional app

The app has many configurable features for the NaviClean S8 Plus. You can configure the app to have the robot clean one room, the whole house, or just one area. You can choose to clean the area once or twice, set no-go zones, and split a room. You can specify how much water you want to use when the mopping module is installed and whether you want the robot vacuum to mop, vacuum, or vacuum and mop.

Custom Settings

You can further customize the app for fully automated cleaning. You can set the do not disturb time so that the robot does not work during this time. You can set the robot to increase suction power when crossing a carpet it detects and turn off the button light if you think the robot light is too bright.

Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus mid-range vacuum robot sweeping and mopping with auto-empty station eileenbrown xda developer

You can set a number of different cleaning schedules, whether you want the robot to clean daily, weekdays, weekends, or just once, and when you want the cleaning to start. You can also specify which area or room you want cleaned – or schedule cleaning for the whole house.

Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus mid-range vacuum robot sweeping and mopping with auto-empty station eileenbrown xda developer

When the robot is running you can change the schedule, pause, change settings or send the robot back to its charging station. You can even use your mobile device as a remote control to send the robot to a specific area to clean.

Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus mid-range vacuum robot sweeping and mopping with auto-empty station eileenbrown xda developer

Small irritation: the voice tone is annoying

The biggest irritation for me is the overjoyed, sugar-sweet voice of the robot. It sounds like an overzealous salesman who is desperate to sell something. If I paused and restarted the cleaning cycle, the robot would say “Cleaning makes you happy!” as it drove away. I wanted to stamp it. Luckily, you can change the voice notification volume. However, if you turn the voice down too far, you won’t be able to hear her cheerfully announce, “I’m here!” when you tap the find robot icon.

Who should buy a Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus robot vacuum?

  • Buy a NaviClean S8 Plus robot vacuum if you want sweeping and mopping in one
  • You should buy this robot vacuum if you hate emptying the onboard bin every few days
  • Buy the Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus robot vacuum if you want to manage the vacuum from a full-featured app

There are other robots for a similar price. However, if you bought a Yeedi Vac 2 Pro at a similar price, you will need to purchase an additional auto drain station at an additional cost. If you mainly have carpets in your house, you should consider buying a robot vacuum cleaner with higher suction power, such as the B. the Dreame Bot D10 with a suction power of 4000 Pa.

Other brand leaders offer competing products in similar price ranges. Neither the $429.99 Roborock Q5 nor the $499.99 Ecovacs Deebot T8 AIVI have an auto-empty station, making the Botslab a good value if you want to buy the entire unit as a package.

Why I love Botslab’s NaviClean S8 Plus robot vacuum

I found the Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus robot vacuum to be easy to connect to the app and configure the cleaning and mopping patterns to suit my lifestyle. Floor mopping is adequate for daily mopping, although I have had to resort to manual scrubbing of the floor every now and then to remove deep-seated dirt before continuing with daily mopping.

Botslab NaviClean S8 Plus mid-range vacuum robot sweeping and mopping with auto-empty station eileenbrown xda developer

The NaviClean S8 Plus isn’t the cheapest robot vacuum you can buy. But with its automatic dump station and large-capacity dust bin for manual cleaning and minimal intervention, it’s definitely worth a look

    Botslab NaviCleanS8 Plus

    A two-in-one sweeping and mopping robot vacuum with long battery life and a large auto dump station


Asked and Answered: October 2nd

ANDY GARBER VON WHEELING, WV: What are the length and terms of Mitchell Trubisky’s contract?
ANSWER: Shortly after starting free agency in March, Mitch Trubisky reportedly signed a two-year deal worth $14.285 million, which included a $5.25 million signing bonus and $1 million salaries in 2022 and $8 million in 2023.

OWEN KELLY FROM CORK, IRELAND: I would imagine you’ve seen a lot of changes to the game over the years, not only in the rules but also in the equipment and facilities. Is there anything you would like to see changed now to add more accuracy to play during play to help with official calls and ball placement after a down?
ANSWER: It always seemed absurd to me that the field officials, who are most commonly responsible for spotting the ball after an offensive play, would start play at the line of scrimmage and then be expected by Run Downfield to know if, for example a running back has gained 6 or 7 yards and then placed the ball in a spot that sometimes determines whether it’s a first down or a third-and-short. That should be changed because the official spotting the ball has a terrible vantage point to see where the runner or receiver was actually down. And then, whenever I ask a question like this, I mention that I would be strongly in favor of removing the use of instant replay as an official tool. It’s not working, and it’s made officers on the field hesitant.

MARLIN COBB FROM PITTSBURGH, PA: George Pickens’ catch in Cleveland was great and all. My question is why does he have to make catches like that? Is it the quarterback or isn’t he opening up?
ANSWER: In that game, George Pickens was “NFL Open” and the ball was thrown where he either made the catch or the pass was incomplete. That’s how it’s done in the NFL these days.

DUSTIN RANKIN OF HAGERSTOWN, MD: Your response in a recent Asked and Answered about teams videotaping games themselves raises a repeating question: do dressing room coaches rely on network feeds when deciding whether they raise the red flag or do they use their own video?
ANSWER: The only video that teams can reference in a challenge situation during a game is the network feed.

TIMOTHY SAMONI FROM NORTHLAKE, TX: Footage of TJ Watt pounding a sled and doing some running/agility drills surfaced the internet this week. Given that he’s on the injured reserve list and his condition appears to be improving, what’s the earliest Watt could return to the lineup?
ANSWER: TJ Watt was placed on the injured reserve after the first game of the regular season and has to miss at least four games. That would mean Watt could return to practice the day after the Oct. 9 game in Buffalo against the Bills and could technically play as early as the Oct. 16 game against Tampa Bay at Acrisure Stadium.

JAMIE EWEN OF BOURNE, UNITED KINGDOM: I know we have our offense coordinator and defensive coordinator calling the plays on game day, but in your experience, how committed is coach Mike Tomlin (either in terms of pre-game or on-game planning). Gameday)?
ANSWER: As head coach, Mike Tomlin is heavily involved weekly in all aspects of team prep, from evaluating the previous week’s performance to formulating the game plans for offense, defense and special teams for the upcoming opponent, to everything that happens on game day including the veto against calls from the coordinators or calling moves instead of the coordinators. And I know for a fact that Bill Cowher was just as involved and as prone to switching/making game day calls as Tomlin was.

ROBERT YEAGER FROM CANYON COUNTRY, CA: I read your list in the September 29th Q&A about the retired jersey numbers. Why were Lynn Swann’s #88 and John Stallworth’s #82 consistently awarded? Aren’t they one of the greats of the team? It seems a little disrespectful to them, especially after all their performances in their Super Bowls.
ANSWER: Just recently, the NFL decided to allow wide receivers to wear jerseys in the single digits or teens and tight ends to wear jerseys in the ’40s, so there was a time in the ’80s that wasn’t enough Numbers gave all receivers and tight ends on a 53-man roster if No. 82 and No. 88 were retired.

CHRIS BALMER OF ALLENTOWN, PA: Do you think running defense can improve after Tyson Alualu switched to Montravius ​​Adams at the start? What do you think of the overall line of defense?
ANSWER: As of this week, the Steelers are last in the NFL against run, so run defense MUST improve, but I’m not willing to put all the blame on nose tackle. Based on the additions of Larry Ogunjobi as a veteran free agent and the draft by DeMarvin Leal, as well as the retention of Tyson Alualu and Montravius ​​Adams, I believe the 2022 defensive line is a better version of the defensive line the Steelers used in the 2021 season had.

TODD ​​WALTER FROM CARY, NC: You left out Jack Ham’s number 59 when answering the question about players’ unassigned jersey numbers. I would clean that up to avoid a disrespectful scenario towards a great linebacker.
ANSWER: You might want to check your facts before accusing me of disrespecting Jack Ham’s career. In the third round of the 1983 NFL Draft, the Steelers put their pick on San Diego State linebacker Todd Seabaugh. Seabaugh wore the No. 59 during his rookie season with the Steelers, which turned out to be his only year as an NFL player.

LARRY LININGER FROM MESA, AZ: I worked in Greenland during the 1972 season and listened to Steelers games on AFRN. When they made the playoffs, I asked a friend to get some tickets to a playoff game. (I came home for Christmas.) I wanted him and me to go together, but he got me a ticket to the Divisional Round Game (vs. Oakland) and one to the AFC Championship Game (which turned out to be vs. Miami) . It was a thrill to witness the Immaculate Conception in person and is a memory I cherish. The Steelers led Miami in the AFC Championship Game to the Larry Seiple fake punt and subsequent Miami touchdown. But this was the AFC championship game, and it was during Miami’s perfect season. Why wasn’t this game played in Miami?
ANSWER: The NFL did not begin using teams’ regular season records to determine home field advantage in the playoffs until the 1975 season. Previously, the league used a rotation system to determine which team received the home game during the playoffs. In 1972, the AFC Central Division had priority in hosting playoff games as long as one of its teams stayed in the postseason, so the Steelers hosted the undefeated Dolphins in the Conference Championship Game.

TIM CROWLEY OF ST. CLAIRSVILLE, OH: I read John Stasko’s post in a recent Asked and Answer about watching the Immaculate Conception on TV and what a great memory it was. One would think that participating in the game where the Immaculate Reception took place would have produced an even better memory. Well, not necessarily… The only Steelers game my dad ever attended was the Immaculate Reception game. Unfortunately, the historical piece happened while he was in the men’s room. Just thought I’d share this little anecdote. Thank you for the great work you are doing. I always find it informative and entertaining.
ANSWER: I sympathize with your father because my bladder has also let me down in some critical situations, but fortunately not to the extent that I missed making history. Thank you for sharing.


FanDuel promo code offers $1,000 No-Sweat Betting Insurance for…

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Pre-registration in Ohio

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FanDuel Ohio will be one of the first sportsbooks in the state to go live. In the meantime, however, new players can pre-register and secure their spot in line before the official launch.

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The best places to buy TVs

Our TVs are a big part of our daily lives. Most of us cannot imagine our evenings without the convenience of browsing Netflix. Televisions are prominent in our living rooms and are often one of the first things we see when we get home. So you have a lot of boxes to tick in terms of performance and looks.

It is not an easy task to do your research and choose the best TV for your needs and living space. So buy your TV from one of the best retailers to ensure you benefit from the widest selection, the most helpful customer service and the most generous promotions and return policies. This is our top pick of stores when shopping for a TV.

1. Best Buy (opens in new tab)

A freestanding TV close-up

(Image credit: Best Buy)

Known for: household appliances, electronics, household

Available at: Best buy (opens in new tab)

Best Buy is our best place to buy TVs with no competition – especially if you’re planning to set up a full-fledged home theater complete with a surround sound system, soundbar, and other accessories.

Browsing a Best Buy allows you to visualize exactly how the various components will work together, with all the major brands represented. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful, and delivery is usually free, but remember that returns usually come with a cost.

2nd goal (opens in new tab)

Known for: home, furniture, electronics

Available at: Target (opens in new tab)

Target is still one of the go-to places to buy almost anything for the home, including a brand new TV. The retailer may not have thousands of options like Amazon and other places, but there are advantages to buying a TV through Target. First, there’s a price match guarantee, so you won’t end up regretting buying a TV at a premium when you could have gotten it cheaper from the manufacturer.

Second, the free curbside delivery service is very convenient. You can simply choose your TV in store and Target will deliver it to your door the same day, without having to carry it across the parking lot. However, what we really like is the return policy: you can return your TV within 90 days for a full refund. Or if you buy a Target-owned brand, you have a full year to change your mind. Impressive.

3. Costco (opens in new tab)

Known for: Savings on household appliances, televisions and electronics

Available at: Costco (opens in new tab)

You may be wondering, “Is it worth it to have a Costco membership?” Our answer is, oh yes. If you live in an area where Costco is available, signing up for membership gives you a number of benefits when buying a TV. From extra-long additional warranties to in-depth tech support for all major TV brands, not to mention the significant savings available to members, Costco offers real value when you’re buying something as expensive as one buy a new television.

4. Walmart (opens in new tab)

Known for: food, household, electronics

Available at: Walmart (opens in new tab)

Why buy a TV from Walmart? Two words: seasonal savings. The regular promotions are too good to miss, and there’s a very simple but effective navigation menu on the site that lets you filter for same-day in-store pickup TVs and items ready to ship. At a time when shipping delays for household and electronics items are commonplace, these options are important.

5. Amazon (opens in new tab)

Known for: housewares, electronics, smart home, everyday objects

Available at: Amazon (opens in new tab)

Amazon is still one of the best places to buy a TV, not least because you can spend hours (literally) sifting through other people’s detailed reviews on almost every brand and model imaginable. Because these are completely independent user reviews, you can be sure you’re choosing something that other people have had good experiences with. Free shipping and fast delivery, especially if you have Prime, also gives it a competitive edge over many other retailers.

6.Samsung (opens in new tab)

A smart TV on a sideboard in the hallway

(Image credit: Samsung)

Known for: Innovative and intelligent devices and electronics

Available at:Samsung (opens in new tab)Amazon (opens in new tab)other major retailers

Samsung is at the forefront of smart TV innovation. A Samsung TV is also worth the investment if the look of your TV is important to you. Elegant and immaculately well-made, Samsung TVs blend easily into a luxurious living room design. Choose between free-standing and wall-mounted models, which can also serve as wall decoration. Samsung TVs also offer excellent energy efficiency, including star ratings, making them an attractive option if you’re looking to save on your energy bills.

7.LG (opens in new tab)

Known for: TV, household appliances

Available at: LG (opens in new tab)all major retailers

One of Samsung’s main competitors, LG is another stable brand that shows no signs of slowing down in its tech innovation. From QLED to 4K Ultra HD and Nano Cell models, it’s the brand for the TV connoisseur. They even make TVs with a filmmaker mode, which is especially useful for media professionals and movie buffs.

However, the main attraction of LG TVs these days is probably their compatibility with smart assistants from Google and Apple. In our experience, you’ll have far fewer problems using your LG TV with Alexa or Google than many other brands.


opinion | The house win over Big Tech was…

The bipartisan gun safety reform signed this summer was rather lenient. Assault style weapons were not banned. It has not raised the minimum age for purchasing such weapons to 21. It didn’t enact federal law with red flags. But it was a start. And it was a rare victory against a seemingly invincible interest group.

The same could be said of the antitrust bill the House of Representatives passed last week to curb big tech.

The bill would allow attorneys general to select jurisdiction for enforcement cases (to prevent companies in places like Silicon Valley from having home advantage); increasing merger fees for giant corporations; and require companies to disclose subsidies from foreign companies that pose a threat to our national security. Overall, the home run is a significant loss for Big Tech, which has embarked on a vicious multimillion-dollar campaign to thwart regulatory changes.

The legislation did not include some of the most robust measures originally proposed, such as: B. A key provision to prevent tech companies from favoring their own products on their platforms. Also excluded was a regulation to shift the burden of proof in merger disputes to the companies. But in the spirit of “something is better than nothing,” antitrust push advocate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) backed the House’s slimmed-down bill.

consequences Jennifer Ruby‘s opinionsconsequences

“This legislative package will update merger filing fees and help ensure that federal antitrust authorities can be properly funded, that information about foreign subsidies is made available to federal law enforcement agencies, and that state antitrust enforcement can be more efficient and without undue delay,” Klobuchar said in one joint statement with Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.). There is bipartisan support for the measure in the Senate, which can vote on it when senators return after a hiatus.

The bill passed by a comfortable margin of 242 to 184, including 39 Republican votes in favor of the bill. Almost all of the 16 Democrats who voted no were from California, home to many big tech companies. Apparently, the power of Big Tech’s support outweighed these lawmakers’ stated concern for even lenient antitrust legislation.

Should those who believe Big Tech has become too powerful be happy or frustrated with the bill? A little bit of both.

As with gun laws, a victory against powerful, well-funded lobbyists who have rejected virtually every attempt at regulation to date can be seen as a victory for consumers and the free market. There is reason to cheer for antitrust advocates, especially when this measure is the first rather than the last attempt to rein in an industry that has managed to enrage both sides of the aisle. (Republicans believe these companies discriminate against conservatives, despite evidence to the contrary. Democrats are furious with platforms for their weak efforts to quash hate speech and disinformation as promised.)

It’s easy to get discouraged by the power of dark money and corporations. But powerful business interests have taken on this session. This applies not only to the gun lobby and Big Tech, but also to Big Pharma, which is now facing cost-control measures, and companies in general, who have to pay a bare minimum federal tax rates. Voter outrage over massive corporate profits, tax avoidance schemes and price gouging may not be enough to completely ignore well-funded lobbyists, but it is helping to level the playing field. It’s time.


Latchback Games draws a winning hand as Break the…

After three years it was finally time for our second home in Helsinki for Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki. Of course, that also meant the return of the Very Big Indie Pitch. The Very Big Indie Pitch is our competition where even more developers can pitch an ever-growing selection of brand new and diverse gaming experiences from some of the most exciting indie developers from around the world.

The Big Indie Pitch is a regular event hosted by the creators of PocketGamer.biz. It gives indie developers the opportunity to showcase their games to industry experts and journalists in a speed dating format. Teams get the chance to get valuable feedback on their games and win great prizes like promotional packages and opportunities to promote their game.

Personal pitching returns

As always, the developers did everything they could to walk away victorious. An award that was eventually awarded Break the Beyond by Latchback Games. However, it’s certainly worth noting how well received our runners-up Eatventure and Stunt Track Builder were. Would you like to know more? Luckily, you can learn more about all three games here.

1St Location – Break the Beyond by Latchback Games

In this fast-paced roguelite card game, players must not only use a diverse array of fighters, but also learn to collect and combine items to expand their arsenal and defeat the ever-growing horde of enemies. Of course, you also need to use different strategies to be successful.

Throughout gameplay, players will find themselves unlocking new cards and characters, all of which fit seamlessly into the game’s strategic, collectible, and merging elements and come together to offer a new and unique take on the card game genre.

2nd Location – Eatventure by Lessmore

Have you ever thought about opening your culinary empire? Well if yes, then Eatventure is the game for you. Open, expand and manage restaurants, earn money, offer new dishes, hire increasingly experienced chefs and staff, and then repeat as you aim to become the world’s most famous restaurant tycoon.

From humble beginnings at the lemonade stand to food trucks to Michelin-star quality restaurants. Expansion is really the name of the game here as you become more and more successful in this hypercasual simulator. How big can you make your empire grow?

3approx Place – Stunt Track Builder by Lemon Chihuahua

Set in your own digital living room, Stunt Track Builder is a physics-based simulation game that gives players the opportunity to create the stunt track of their dreams before racing their collection of toy cars onto that track.

Using both VR and classic gameplay methods, Stunt Track Builder hopes to offer something for everyone. Of course, that includes those who want to focus on the track elements, with collectibles waiting to be discovered both on and off the track.

Want to show off your exciting new game? We host major indie pitch events throughout the year, so keep checking our upcoming events page at BigIndiePitch.com.


“Trade like a Lehman moment” – Credit Suisse and…

More than a decade has passed since the 2007-2008 financial crisis, when Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank in the US, collapsed and filed for bankruptcy. Almost 14 years later, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, two of the world’s largest banks, are suffering from distressed valuations and bank default insurance levels are nearing levels not seen since 2008.

Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank valuations have exploded as investors debate the systemic risk to the global economy

In the first week of October, the global economy continues to look gloomy as energy and gas prices have hit record highs, inflation is at its highest in 40 years in many countries, disrupted supply chains, stock markets have fallen significantly and tensions between the West and Russia has increased.

In the midst of this ailing economy, two of the world’s largest investment banks are reeling from distressed valuations. Market data shows that Credit Suisse Group AG (NYSE: CS) and Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE: DB) are trading at extremely low levels not seen since the 2008 financial crisis.

In late August, Deutsche Bank analyzed the problems associated with Credit Suisse, and the bank’s analysts determined that a $4.1 billion gap needs to be closed to combat the financial institution’s financial health. Additionally, Credit Suisse’s credit default swaps (CDS) are similar to the same CDS values ​​that Lehman Brothers had just prior to the bank’s insolvency.

“Trade like a Lehman moment” – Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank suffer from distressed ratings as banks' credit default swaps near 2008 levels

Credit Suisse CEO Ulrich Koerner recently said his company is facing a “critical moment” and stressed that the Swiss-based financial institution has a “strong capital base and liquidity position”.

Major investor says Credit Suisse CDS is acting like a ‘Lehman moment’, Wallstformainst CEO says, ‘Anyone who fully trusts Credit Suisse’s accounting also believes in unicorns and the tooth fairy’

Not everyone agrees with Koerner, as a report by investing.com describes that a “major investor who does business with Credit Suisse says the investment bank is a disaster, [and] CDS trades like a “Lehman moment” [is] about to hit.” However, Compcircle Managing Partner Gurmeet Chadha doesn’t believe a major market anomaly is about to emerge.

“Credit Suisse once a year since 2008 [and] once in [two] years Deutsche Bank is on the brink of default”, Chadha tweeted. “With every correction – this speculation starts to come. In my little experience, a black swan event never announces itself.”

Chadha’s comment hasn’t stopped speculation surrounding the two banks, and many believe catastrophe is imminent. “Credit Suisse is likely going bankrupt,” according to Twitter account Wall Street Silver said his 320,000 followers.

“The collapse in Credit Suisse stock price is a matter of great concern,” Wall Street Silver said. “From $14.90 in February 2021 to $3.90 currently. And at P/B=0.22, markets are saying it is in default and likely broke.”

An analysis of the situation published on Seeking Alpha also notes that both Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank are trading at distressed valuations, and goes on to say that Credit Suisse “is undergoing a painful restructuring.” The author of The Seeking Alpha writes: “[Credit Suisse] is trading at 0.23 times the tangible book [and] Deutsche Bank is trading at 0.3 times tangible book value.” However, the author of Seeking Alpha says Deutsche Bank is working its way through the storm through interest rate advantages. The author adds

Investors should avoid [Credit Suisse] and buy [Deutsche Bank].

Investors believe that the two financial giants are facing a serious crisis and they do not believe the statements made by the CEO of Credit Suisse. Some have criticized the banks’ scrutiny process, believing that this is what Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank are doing in debt up to your neck and bad loans.

“Tell me the actual number of outstanding bad loans Credit Suisse has to these hedge funds and family offices like Archegos,” said Jason Burack, CEO of Wallstformainst tweeted in August. “Because if you trust your bookkeeping completely, you also believe in unicorns and the tooth fairy.” At the time of writing, the term “Credit Suisse” is a very popular vertical trend on Twitter on Sunday morning (ET) with 46,000 tweets.

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10 TV characters with creepy sensibilities

TV shows span the gamut of genres, from comedies that make the whole family laugh to horror series that can terrify even the bravest audience. Each genre has its own tropes and typical character archetypes that always feed into the story and cast. That’s not to say there can’t be a unique character or two who mess up the show’s status quo.

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One of the most popular character types to add a little spice to the show is a character that is very different from the main cast. So often this character is the show’s “black sheep,” an outcast, or someone few of the characters really understand. This can make the character a little scary or intimidating, and she’s interested in the darker aspects of life.

10/10 Listen to some stories from the tomb

One of the legends who like the macabre and are a little “out there” is the Crypt Keeper. It’s hard for the Crypt Keeper not to appeal to the darker side of life and death because he’s a decaying zombie-like man. Crypt Keeper’s parents were reportedly two-sided supporting cast and a 4,000-year-old mummy.

With such a lineage, Crypt Keeper had the macabre in his veins. Not to mention that Crypt Keeper was the host of stories from the tomb, that contain spooky stories, often with cynical morals. Crypt Keeper liked to make all sorts of macabre jokes at the expense of the characters in these stories.

9/10 Nothing wrong with a few arachnids

Chantal and Zelda were a few guests at the Doll House in the Sandman comic and Netflix series. Not much is known about the two at first, other than that they dressed oddly and possessed the largest collection of stuffed spiders on the East Coast.

Both women were very pale and both wore black clothes and a black veil in the Netflix adaptation. They appeared to be in traditional mourning attire at all times. Zelda also remains mute, allowing Chantal to speak and adding to her spooky aura. Despite their somewhat creepy nature, they are both very kind.

8/10 Watch out for the man in the black hat

One character that’s not necessarily scary, but certainly terrifying, is The Man in Black by western world. The man in black named William is ruthless to the hosts in the park, as everything is just a game to him.

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William becomes a little disillusioned and more unpredictable, believing there is a secret maze in Westworld placed for him. He will stop at nothing to get into this maze and will not trust anyone. He even shot his daughter, thinking she might be part of this “hidden game”.

7/10 Bow to his infernal majesty

The most powerful and terrible villain of That Powerpuff Girls was His Infernal Majesty, also known as HIM. HIM has an appearance similar to that of the devil, with red skin, dark hair, and dark facial hair. He also has lobster-like claws and wears a tutu, perhaps to appear a little less fierce.

The main goals of HIM are chaos and destruction. He can also transform into huge demonic monsters and take others to hellish realms. This, coupled with his multi-layered voice, makes him a fearsome foe, especially for child superheroes.

6/10 Go hunting with the Winchesters

The Winchester Brothers have had their fair share of encounters with the creepy and supernatural. You’re a bit drawn to the macabre and the uncanny. Their entire identity revolves around the hunt and destruction of supernatural entities.

Most of what they hunt are evil forces like demons. The brothers both have tattoos to discourage possession, and Sam even hosted Lucifer for a time. Neither Sam nor Dean had a chance at a normal life and were destined to sink up to their necks in the paranormal.

5/10 Be interested in phantoms

As one of the teenage superhero’s closest friends Danny Phantom, Sam Manson received a lot of screen time. Sam took on the appearance of a typical goth, wearing dark colors and not conforming to social norms. She is also interested in darker subjects such as horror, the occult and the paranormal.

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Many at her school treat Sam as a social outcast because of her looks and interests. However, she was also one of Danny’s most prominent supporters and took a keen interest in his ghost powers. Sam often encouraged Danny to exercise and go ghost hunting.

4/10 look into the shadows

Guillermo de la Cruz is the vampire Nandor’s familiar in the comedy series What we do in the shadows. Guillermo appears to be an awkward but kind individual, but has committed terrible deeds in the name of his master Nandor, including seducing maidens to their deaths at the hands of the vampires he lives with.

Everything Guillermo does is because he hopes that one day Nandor will eventually turn him into a vampire. Guillermo has killed several humans, vampires, and other supernatural entities. Most of these were buried in the courtyard as part of Guillermo’s duties with which he is charged.

3/10 The father will bring terror

In a show like The chilling adventures of Sabrina It’s hard to find a character who doesn’t try their hand at something spooky. Despite this, Faustus Blackwood is one of the most sinister characters in the series. Blackwood has served in bizarre roles such as dean of a magic school, high priest of the Church of the Night, and even antipope.

The scariest thing Blackwood did was herald the return of the Eldritch Terrors. These beings were horror incarnate and would destroy the world and all empires associated with it. He did all this as revenge against the Church of the Night and to put an end to it all.

2/10 Put yourself in the victim’s mind

A series about zombies will undoubtedly contain the macabre, but iZombie somehow figured out how to increase the scary factor. In this series, zombies can control themselves as long as they eat brains regularly.

The main character, Olivia Moore, is no different. Although Liv goes one step further and takes a job as a coroner, she has easy access to “ethical” brains and uses the brains of victims to solve crimes. So it’s a bit unsettling that most of their problems are solved by snacking on some brains cooked in a special meal.

1/10 They’re creepy and they’re crazy

The ultimate example of characters with creepy sensibilities is the entire Addams Family. The Addams family all seem to have supernatural abilities, and all have a fascination with the macabre. Some family members resemble monsters like Morticia, Lurch or Cousin Itt.

The Addams treat “normal” things the same way the average person would treat something macabre. They all wear dark clothes and their home looks like a haunted house. The mansion is decorated with all sorts of curiosities that no “normal” person would touch, let alone hang on the wall.

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